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The professionals at The Holder Group are industry authorities on forensic accounting, financial analysis, and valuation services, particularly in relation to family law and divorce litigation.

Since opening our doors in 2013, our primary goal has always been to serve our clients to the very best of our abilities, offering investigative accounting and financial analysis that helps them make well-informed legal and financial decisions in the face of difficult circumstances. Four years later, this dedication and focus is still at the very core of our philosophy.

With over thirty years of combined experience in the field, we pride ourselves on being a team of highly qualified and accredited professionals with expertise in family law and divorce litigation. We offer a range of financial investigation, forensic accounting, and business valuation services, primarily to clients with divorce or family-related legal cases. As a result, we know how important it is to provide clear, comprehensive, and accurate information and analysis, whether we are advising on the division of a marital estate or providing expert testimony during a bench or jury trial.

Our litigation support and financial analysis team comprises both certified public accountants and experienced support staff. As a firm, we takes an ethical, comprehensive, detail-oriented approach to every case we assist with. We understand the complex circumstances surrounding these types of litigation, and our goal is to provide financial data and analysis that can help.

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Our Team

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