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Valuation is the science of accurately estimating the true worth or economic value of an item. Business valuation, specifically, refers to the process by which businesses and related assets (such as property) are evaluated to determine their value. At The Holder Group, we offer expert business valuation services for clients in need of accurate valuation for a range of situations, including divorce and family law litigation.

Our team of accounting professionals have years of extensive valuation experience in many different industries and environments, supported by various business valuation credentials. Our clients utilize these service offerings to obtain a comprehensive understanding of the financial environment surrounding a business. In particular, we often work with clients to value closely-held businesses for divorce purposes.

We understand that the decisions our clients make in situations of divorce or family law can be difficult and long-lasting. That’s why, at THG, we are dedicated to providing business valuation services and recommendations that are accurate and complete to make these decisions more straightforward and informed.

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