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Expert testimony in legal proceedings refers to situations in which an expert in a particular field testifies about their highly specialized, technical, or advanced industry and any specifics regarding its relation to the details of the case. At The Holder Group, we offer expert testimony services to clients with cases requiring testimony on complex financial and investigative accounting matters.

Our team of professionals has years of experience acting as expert witnesses in a variety of litigation environments, including mediation, arbitration, deposition, and bench and jury trials. We are knowledgeable experts in our field and, when testifying, we strive to communicate relevant and accurate financial information in clear and easily-understood terms.

We primarily work with clients in cases of divorce and family law and, as such, we understand that decisions made in these types of litigation are often difficult and can have long-lasting consequences on families. That’s why we are dedicated to providing accurate and thorough services, to help clients make the best, most fully-informed decisions possible.

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