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Financial Analysis Services

Financial analysis, also commonly referred to as accounting analysis or financial statement analysis, is the process of evaluating any pertinent financial information to assess and determine the value of applicable financial holdings. At The Holder Group, we offer advanced financial analysis services and support to our clients in cases of family law and divorce litigation.

Our team of experts, comprising licensed CPAs and knowledgeable support staff, is highly experienced in the field of financial accounting and analysis. We will work with you to analyze all available financial information as it pertains to your legal situation. We may use this information to prepare a variety of support resources, such as a statement of net worth (also referred to as the “marital balance sheet”), a domestic relations financial affidavit, or child support worksheets.

At THG, we understand the difficult situations many of our clients are in when they come to us. That’s why we are dedicated to providing comprehensive and accurate analysis services that help our clients make the best possible long-term decisions in complex circumstances.

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