Financial Tracing

Financial Tracing

Financial tracing, also sometimes called asset tracing, is a process through which investigators “follow the money” by using an audit trail to trace a particular piece of financial information or data back to its source. At The Holder Group, we offer advanced financial tracing services to support our clients and their legal counsel in cases of family law and divorce litigation.

During the dissolution of a marriage, it is not uncommon for either party to assert that one or the other has not truthfully reported the entire financial picture, or our clients may require assistance in determining the amounts of separate property claims. Our experts have extensive experience in tracing investment accounts, real estate, trusts, and retirement accounts.

We also understand that having a more complete picture of the financial environment is especially critical in these cases, as decisions made during this type of litigation often have long-term impact on the family. That’s why our team is dedicated to uncovering and providing the most detailed, accurate financial information possible—to help make difficult decisions a little more straightforward.

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