Financial Neutral and Collaborative Law

Financial Neutral and Collaborative Law

Collaborative law is a unique legal practice in which both involved parties agree to retain separate, specially-trained lawyers to help them reach an acceptable agreement. At The Holder Group, we often serve as financial neutrals in litigation and collaborative law cases, supporting clients and their legal counsel in situations of family law and litigation.

Our professionals have been specifically trained in this practice area as it pertains to the complex financial matters of family law. Once engaged, one of our experts will serve as a “financial neutral” who actively works on behalf of both individuals to provide them with the data required, enabling both parties to reach a swift, amicable resolution.

At THG, we understand that the decisions made in these types of litigation often have long-lasting consequences for families. For that reason, our team of licensed CPAs is dedicated to acting as a non-biased intermediary to provide accurate and complete financial information and advice to our clients.

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